Artist’s Statement


The  era in which an artist lives must always be taken into consideration when looking at their work. We live in a digital age where we are always on the go, or online.  As an artist I believe there is a need for art to nourish the soul and draw the viewer into a harmonious space.   

My paintings are redolent of that space where one can be in the moment and then explore further to find the unfamiliar in the familiar. This is why I have called my latest work Discovery.

My inspiration has been a lifetime of memories of lakes, rivers and seas. Frequent walks along the Thames and recent visits to the Dubai Marina, led to this series. My journey of Discovery began by delving into dark shadows where there is clarity and luminosity which contrasts with ever changing light.
Our lives are busy and cluttered. There is a need to find order in the chaos.  Looking into water, I discovered abstract patterns dancing energetically at different levels. They quickly recovered their balance when thrown into disarray by a gust of wind or invasive boats.
I zoomed in and was entranced by the dance. Using photographs taken over many days and my memory of those moments,  my imagination took flight as I applied the paint on the smooth silvery surface of aluminium panels. I used several techniques including layering with washes, blending, and etching to optimise the reflective metallic surface. These processes highlight movement, fluidity and changing light, best seen when you observe the paintings from different angles. 
I zoomed out and saw a wider universe where every particle is alive and evolving - each in its unique way.