The Discovery Series - 2018 Exhibition Review

"I love your new paintings. They are youthful, contemplative, and striking" - Lincoln Seligman, Sculptor and Painter

“My first impression is movement, and most important I am dialoging and communicating with the painting, not just viewing and observing, I am in it. As I travel around it, the light changes, my reaction to it changes. The dialogues continue” - a vistor from Philadelphia

“I feel I am in the Sky, looking down “ - 7 year old visitor to the exhibition

“I was in pain when I came in. Looking at these paintings released the pain. I think of the sea, of holidays, the sound of waves, I am in a happy place now” - a young mum who was in the gallery with her baby

Pulses Magazine Review 2014

The concept of adornment and veiling permeates Deep Within, an immensely personal journey for Indian artist Anita Chanda.  Chanda, who was born in Lincoln and studied Fine Art at the Putney School of Art in London, moved to India at nineteen, where she continued her studies at the Government College of Arts in Calcutta.  She returned to England where she has lived for over thirty years.
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The sari has long fascinated anyone with a love of textiles; the different weaves, the variety of materials- from breezy cottons to luxurious silks - the beautiful bootis and borders. It has endured through the ages, a classic and timeless garment worn by generations of Indian women. Now, artist Anita Chanda’s new exhibition in London takes the sari to a whole new art form. Read More